Here’s a small selection of articles I’ve written. Think of this as a portfolio of sorts.

The Evolution of Independent Music

“Media in general has undergone a certain level of commoditization thanks to the ease of automation and publishing online. Music is no exception. Hop on to iTunes and you can get just about any track you want for 99 cents, whether its some polished pop princess whose tracks were made for the very purpose of commoditization or an independent artist who is making use of every distribution outlet available to them (and that’s many more than were available to them last decade).”

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How SitePoint succeeded selling online content – when News Corp couldn’t

“In 1999, years before major traditional publishing outfits cared about making money online or knew their bottom lines would soon depend on it, a small Melbourne startup called SitePoint figured out how to make money as the premiere destination for those looking to learn about building websites.

I remember my visits to SitePoint as a teenager fondly. I had a head full of ideas on grand businesses that would make me rich, and all I needed to do was pick up the skills to build them — or so I thought. I got my hands on the classic ‘Build Your Own Database Driven Web Site Using PHP & MySQL‘ by Kevin Yank and read SitePoint’s articles (this was before blogs existed) as often as I could.”

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How to Spot a Dud Client and Get Out While You Can

I know how to spot a dud client. I spent far longer (read: years) working with one of them than I should’ve, before I wised up and realized that any money you receive from them is not worth it and likely to incur a loss — since that money will likely end up working you ten times harder than it’s worth, strip you of motivation, and is time better spent marketing your business to help you earn cash from more professional clients.

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Level Up Your Real Life Productivity with the EpicWin Game

Has your spouse been bugging you for the last week about taking out the trash? Can’t remember the last time you clipped your toenails? Keep forgetting to mail off that important form?

Sounds like you’ve got a case of procrastination, and you might need some help getting out of your chair. If self-motivation isn’t your strong suit, EpicWin is here to help. The developers’ goal: to make it fun enough to get things done that you don’t procrastinate.

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