Need content that captures your audience and keeps on the page? Perhaps you’ve got work that needs an editor’s eye before it can face the public? Either way, you’ve come to the right place. With years of experience as a writer specializing in online publishing and social media optimized content, and an editor for some of the web’s popular publications, including FreelanceSwitch, Lifehack and more, my content won’t just read nicely and come to you on time–you’ll get effective copy that’s built to achieve the goals you set out for your site.

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You need entertaining, informative content for your site. You might need an influx of eyeballs to keep your advertisers happy, or to draw in customers for a product you sell. Either way, my specialty is crafting social media optimized content that will catch the eye of Internet users everywhere and have them coming back for more. I’ve written hundreds of articles that have brought in a flood of social media traffic for my clients. Your site can be next.


Is your site turning visitors into customers? Getting site copy right is one of the most essential steps to running a business that is successful online. Unfortunately, most business owners don’t see the need to hire a copywriter at first, and this mistake could cost you thousands of dollars in missed opportunities. We’ll work together to identify where your current Internet marketing campaign and website copy goes wrong, and create new and effective material.


If you’ve enlisted me to write copy for your site, I offer copytesting as an add-on service. I’ll work with you to set up your site so that it captures information about your visitors and what actions they take during their visit, and make adjustments to the copy and the site itself to improve your conversion rate. Professional copy is a great step up from do-it-yourself copy–but constant testing and refining allows us to take your success to the next level.


There are plenty of people out there who have great ideas for an article or a book, they do their research, they plan properly–but when it comes to writing, the content simply reads lifelessly or is rife with errors. You’ve been handed poorly written work by another writer, or you want to improve something you’ve written. I use a multi-stage editing process that systematically removes errors from the work, trims the fat, and cleans up poorly articulated ideas. You’ll be left with copy that will have your audience reading until the last word.


I offer consulting and coaching services to those who want to learn to develop social media optimized content, compelling copy that performs well in the Internet environment, or manage and monetize a blog or other web publication.

Consultation can come in the form of a Skype call, email conversation (great for keeping records of the advice), or a report including my analysis of your situation and my recommendations.

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