About Joel Falconer

Meet Joel Falconer, a data-driven content strategist and managing editor with 20 years of experience in online publishing.

Joel Falconer is an authority in digital media, content strategy, audience development, marketing, and SEO. Throughout his 20-year career he has helped build some of the most renowned brands in the industry, such as Envato, The Next Web, SitePoint and DesignCrowd.

Joel has been published in a variety of publications including Lifehack, Mashable, the Sydney Morning Herald, AppStorm, Fuel Brand Network, and Variables. His clients have included Telstra, GetApp, Cake Insure, Paymo, and Carbon Ads (BuySellAds).

His focus on SEO, email marketing and content operations has enabled him to create vast online communities and generate high traffic levels, customer engagement, and conversions. His experience in the industry makes him an excellent resource for anyone looking to establish their presence online.

Joel’s knowledge in AI-assisted content operations and production workflows has been instrumental in helping companies optimize their processes and maximize performance.

Notable Mentions

A. J. Hackwith, editor, author of Library of the Unwritten:

"Joel is a brilliant editor and just the kind of guy you want to work with: steady, responsive, and possessing of clarity that makes communication and collaboration a breeze. He has the editorial sense of a seasoned pro. Simply put, he knows how to make successful web pubs and build successful teams."

Thursday Bram, digital content editor and writer:

"Joel's writing style never fails to command attention. Whether he's blogging about a technical topic or writing about productivity, Joel is a great guy to have on the team."

Matt Mullenweg, creator of WordPress, the content management system powering 810 million websites:

Great overview of WP economy
Joel Falconer has written a pretty definitive article on WordPress: The Free Software With a Big Economy & How You Can Get Involved.

"Joel Falconer stands out among his peers by penning unbiased, objective reports on Bitcoin developments." (Link)

Published Work

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The controversial mandatory Internet filter, announced at a bipartisan event in 2007, has finally been taken off the table.