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Joel Falconer


I'm an editor, journalist, and developer working in tech and digital media. I'm currently the managing editor at

I was an early employee at Australian startups Envato and DesignCrowd, and I've worked in managing editor and feature editor roles at The Next Web, AppStorm, Lifehack, and Fuel. My clients have included Telstra, GetApp, Cake Insure, Mashable, Paymo, Carbon Ads, and more.

I'm a multi-instrumentalist musician and songwriter. I spent some time studying at Queensland Conservatorium and developed a sizeable repertoire with my band when I was younger, though this is more of a hobby now. I was lucky enough to channel some of this experience into a couple of my roles at Envato, including as product manager of AudioJungle and editor of Audiotuts+. I'm a remote work native and have an interest in the future of work broadly, and also how we prevent the benefits of the async-default early remote culture from being eroded during this period of sudden mass adoption.

You can also find out a bit about the tools I use.

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